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I am a big fan of retro looking, vintage football shirts. I think they have that bit more character than the latest shirts. Often they have more interesting designs, slightly more unusual than the modern shirts. Not just that, I also think you stand out a little more from all the other people wearing the same kit- and look more like a true fan as well.  

You may like collecting vintage shirts too- which I think is really cool, as far as collections go. Much better than collecting stamps or something that’s for sure! So if you enjoy doing this, then this post will be great for you too. Throughout this post, I am going to show some of my favourite looking kits. However, I invite you to have a look on the site I am going to link, and look through the selection they have. You will see why further on in this post.

So for you, just sit back and read through some of my favourite shirts, if you like them too, awesome! If not, that’s cool, I can guarantee you will like loads on the website I am going to send you to after this post.. So enjoy my favourite, vintage football shirts.

Where Can I Go to Get the Best Selection?

There is one site, in particular, which I think is absolutely amazing for finding a huge variety of vintage football shirts. The name of this site is, how did you guess? Vintage Football Shirts. Click here to visit their page!

This website features thousands of unique shirts from hundreds of teams, club or international. They stock shirts all the way from the 80’s all the way until now, with multiple different sizes too.

They have a brilliant website which is easy to navigate, so you can search for your team, browse through the club teams, or international teams. If you just want a  general browse, you can do that too, looking through there newest additions, by brand, or just browse through em’ all. 

Dortmund Home Kit 1994/1995

Dortmund Home Kit 1994/1995

I’m not going to try and sell you this, or any of the my favourites, because that’s not what I’m here to do. I have an opinion on these shirts, and so do you. I want to show you some of my favourites but I advise you guys have a look on the website and find one that you like. So if you guys like this, that’s awesome… we have the same taste. If not, that’s all good too!

What I am going to do though, is just explain to you why I like this shirt. Sometimes that’s not easy to do, because you can’t always justify why you like an item of clothing- sometimes you just do… you can’t help that! However with this shirt, my favourite thing about it is the Nike branding on the collar, I think that gives it a retro look, whilst keeping it stylish. As well as the interesting pattern down the sleeve, and the bright yellow colour, I think it all blends really well and creates a really clean look. 

I also think, as you can see from the guy modelling it with jeans on, you can wear this casually. It doesn’t need to be with a football kit, this top actually is nice, outside of football. I think it’s got a cool, vintage look which is definitely in fashion at the moment.

If you guys like the know the history of this shirt too, then it has that as well. This kit was worn by Borussia Dortmund in the 1994/1995 season. They actually won this season in the Bundesliga and finished 1 point clear of the runners up, Werder Bremen. How times have changed! 

They also made it to the semi-finals of the UEFA cup, getting knocked out by Juventus. 4-3 on aggregate. 

Cameroon Home Kit 2012/2013

I mean, in reality, I don’t really need to explain the beauty of this kit. It’s got a lions head on it, I mean come on, what more could you want? Personally I really enjoy Cameroon’s international kits and there were a few I could of put on this list- but this is definitely my favourite of theirs.

I love the green red and yellow colour combination, and usually enjoy Puma kits too. As far as history of the shirt goes however, there is little. Cameroon wore it whilst qualifying for the 2014 World Cup, beating Tunisia 4-1 on aggregate. Qualification to the World Cup is a big achievement for Cameroon, so I guess that gives this shirt a bit of history to justify it in that aspect! Any excuse to include a lion’s head kit on this list!

FC Wettingen Home Kit 1992/1993

FC Wettingen 1992/1993

So, I’m not going to pretend to you that I know loads about this Swiss team, I don’t. There isn’t a whole lot of history to this kit, and if there was I wouldn’t of known about it before doing research. So apologies for that! Just to let you know who FC Wettingen are, they play their football in the Swiss 2nd Liga. They were founded in 1991, then went bankrupt in 1993, and finally were refounded in the same year. So there you go, learn something new every day!

The reason I added this kit is because I really love the design, it is unusual which I love in a football kit as most teams tend to go for the more standard designs. It really works though, the different shades of blue, with grey, white and black- a lot of colours but they seem to blend nicely to create a really nice kit! Let me know what you think 🙂

Manchester United Home Kit 1999/2000

Manchester United Home kit 1999/2000

This kit is pretty minimalist in design, pretty retro looking and is a typical Manchester United Home kit, no surprises there. The reason this kit is in my list, is because it had an iconic year. This was the year that Manchester United won the Champions League. They won the final against all odds in fact.

They went into the final with Paul Scholes and Roy Keane both suspended for the game, these were arguably two of their best players this year- they were playing Bayern Munich who were a tough opponent. This was shown in the first 6 minutes as Mario Basler scored a free kick. Manchester United began to get back into the game and tarted dominating all things, except the score line. They waited until the 91st minute to finally score an equaliser, courtesy of Sheringham. This forced extra time, in which United pretty much instantly scored, this time it was Solskjær. They held onto their lead and managed to win the Champions League final- an outstanding achievement. Worthy of making my favourite kit list!

Check Some Out for Yourself!

Now I have shown you a few of my favourites (all available on Vintage Football Shirts) I want you guys to have a look for some of your favourites. Because I actually really enjoyed making this list, and reminiscing at some older kits, and also learning about some kits I didn’t know about. If you are a football fan like me, I’m sure you will enjoy a browse.

Another thing I want to mention before I leave, is that I am here to help you guys and provide you with reliable information. The reason I am saying this is because I really do recommend this website, I genuinely think it’s brilliant and I’m not just saying that!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post, if you have any kit suggestions or queries, leave them in the comments and I would love to read and reply to them. Also let me know if you had a look on Vintage Football Shirts, give me your verdict! Thanks for taking time to read past, speak to you guys soon.

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14 Replies to “Vintage Football Shirts – Support Your Team in Style”

  1. Joe,

    Honestly I love the retro look of most things and vintage football shirts are no different!  Wearing these make you stand out in a crowd supporting the team of your choice when others are wearing the newest fashion for the team.  I love most all sports and look for the vintage wear when I attend a game to let people know that I support my teams.  Your research into other team vintage football shirts is amazing for the fans that support those teams and I can recommend your site for everyone I know looking for vintage shirts to wear to their favorite team games.



  2. I love the look of retro jerseys, shirts, uniforms. These “throw back” apparel items bring back nostalgia and memories of both good and bad times. Plus, some of them just look good as well as make for nice collector items for fans all over the world. The vintage shirts obviously look better on models than they do me! 🙂

    1. Yeah, totally agree. 

      I’m sure these shirts can make anyone look good, even you! 😉 

      Thanks very much for the comment 🙂

  3. This is a great article for people who are trying to find a gift for a family member or friend who’s into football (not the USA version). You give enough information that I can figure out which vintage shirt to choose even though I’m not a football enthusiast myself. Thank you for being helpful!

  4. Standing out from the crowd is very important to me when it comes to supporting my team. 99.9℅ will wear the latest design of the team in Jersey materials but wearing the vintage shirt of any team makes someone stand tall in the crowd. Finally I found a blog that can give me necessary information about vintage shirt for my team, I’m really glad. I’ll refer all my friends to your blog. Bookmarked already

    1. Awesome, I’m so glad you enjoyed the post and found it useful!

      I really agree with what you said about standing out, I’m the exact same. 

      Hope to see you around my website soon!

      Best wishes, Joe 

  5. Hi  Joe, this is great post with wonderful review and necessary information of vintage football shirts about soccer apparel. I like “Dortmund Home Kit 1994/1995” most. I believe most of these shirts are unique in design and color. So I think these shirts will be helpful for those players who want to be different and easily recognized to their fans while playing or being crowded in a place. I am going to bookmark your site and recommend it to others. Thanks for sharing this information.

    1. I think I agree with you, that one is my favourite too. Thanks so much for the kind words about my post.

      I am really glad you enjoyed- 

      Best wishes, Joe

  6. This is a really novel idea on keeping the memories alive from various different soccer teams, matches and victories.  Well done for finding Vintage Football Shirts and sharing your information about each shirt you chose to be on your list.  Certainly a few bits of information I didn’t know.

    Do you think there are similar sites for Rugby, Tennis, Motorsports, Olympic Games… to name a few?

    Would be great if there was that variety!


    1. Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed the post. 

      I’m sure there is information on other vintage sports shirts too. After a quick search I found quite a few ‘classic rugby shirts’. 

      The internet has pretty much everything on there so definitely there are other sports with vintage shirts for sale!

      Thanks for the comment and good question 🙂

  7. Hi! Yeah, I agree with you! Having a vintage football shirt makes you stand out. I really like the cool FC Wettingen short.But one that I’ll go and check out is the kit with which Manchester United won the Champion League back in 2000. It really was an outstanding achievement! Thank you for bringing back the good memories!

    1. No problem, thanks for a great comment and I’m glad you enjoyed it!

      Yeah, some are just nice looking shirts, but others definitely remind you of a very special achievement. A good balance to your collection is always good!

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