PUMA Future 18.1 NetFit Review – A New Style of Lacing

PUMA Future 18.1 NetfitOverview of the product:


  • Price: £115 – £160
  • Cheapest place to purchase: Amazon *Click This Link To See*
  • Boot Type: Firm Ground / Artificial Grass
  • Comfort: 8/10
  • Looks: 9/10
  • Performance: 9/10
  • Overall Rating: 9/10




Is This Boot Comfy?



The answer to that question is yes, very much so. There are many features that make this boot fit and feel great right from the word go. Puma is known for it’s soft knitted material with an accommodating fit to it, so if you have a wide foot, or a narrow foot, this boot is likely to fit just right.


The Netfit Lacing System is the main talking point on this boot as it is so unique to any other type of lacing system out there. With it’s honeycomb structured lace loops, it gives you hundreds of possibilities when it comes to lacing up your boot.


NetFit Lacing System


This feature may just sound like a gimmick which doesn’t actually affect the comfort of the boot, however this is untrue. The Netfit Lacing System means that you can adjust the way the boot fits, and tightens depending on your particular foot shape. I can’t tell you which one is going to be best for you, you will just have to give it a go yourself as it is different for everybody. If it doesn’t feel right on your first attempt, simply take the lace out and try again.


The upper material of the boot itself is a soft, yet robust form-fitting textile base. Straight out of the box, this boot feels very comfortable, however it does improve after wearing the boot for a session or two. So before you make your final judgement, make sure you wear them in to give them a chance to mould around your foot, just like every boot.


Luckily though, most people who have bought and reviewed this boot have said that it has a short break-in time compared to other boots of the same price. This means that you can be at your best on the pitch after just a short time of wearing them in, which is great.


This boot is a mid-top boot meaning it features a small sock addition to the top of your boot as ankle support. Me personally, I prefer mid-top boots as I do enjoy the ankle support however I feel if it is too big it becomes uncomfortable and a pain to get the boot on. I feel this Puma boot has just the right blend.


The sock addition has a thick, textured design to it whilst remaining completely flexible and stretchy. This means that it offers a high level of support with a snug fit around the ankle.



Definitely Not an Understated Boot


I’m sure I don’t need to go too in depth about the design and looks of the boot itself, as you all have eyes and your own opinions so you can make your own decision on whether you like the look of it or not. I just thought I would give you some of my personal opinions about the boot, just in case that means anything to you!

Back of Puma Future 18.1

In the past, I have usually worn quite subtle boots when it comes to the style, usually some sort of black outs. There is no denying that this Puma boot is far from my usual choice. With it’s almost cow print pattern and the bright orange secondary colour to complement it. Also, featuring the bright orange and black sole plate too.


Although this is far from the usual style of boot I go for, I really love this design. I think all the colours and patterns complement each other well and make it look very stylish. I also love the look a mid-sock gives to a boot, especially with the almost striped indentations that Puma have given this one.


All in all I really enjoy looking at this football boot, which is why I have given the looks of the boot a generous 9/10.



Most Importantly – Does the Boot Perform?


This boot definitely performs well. It may be a concern that the new Netfit lacing system will become a hindrance when it comes to actually playing football with the boot, rather than just lacing it up. However, surprisingly the lace system provides a bit of friction and grip so definitely doesn’t bring anything negative o the boot, positive if anything.


As for the touch and feel of the boot, its great. It doesn’t feel like there is a huge amount of material between your foot and the ball which creates a large amount of control.


All in all this boot is an attacking boot meaning that you are not given much padding on the upper of the boot, this is to allow control with your touch and dribbling so don’t expect much protection.


With the added texture from the knitted upper, you really get the ability to put added spin on the ball when you really wrap your foot around it. The different angles of the material mean that you can gain grip on the ball and really get that movement you are looking for when striking the ball.



Do I Recommend the Boot and Who For?


This boot, as I mentioned before is definitely an attackers boot. With its flashy design, its thin and flexible upper and it’s added dynamic when it comes to getting that perfect movement on the shot, it definitely suits the forwards.


When it comes to the fit of the boot, and who that is aimed towards, I would say it is ever so slightly aimed towards the wider foot. However, with the added feature of the Netfit lacing system, this can really change the fit of the boot to suit any shaped foot. Some people have even said the lacing feature accommodated for the ‘weird bumps’ you may have on your foot. For example that bone which is slightly more protruding than others. Everyone foot is different and Puma knows that, so this boot is very accommodating in that sense.


I most definitely recommend this boot, especially because the price is lower than a lot of other boots from the top brands and for the quality of this boot, it’s worth paying the price for sure.


I hope this review answered all of your questions, however if you do have anymore, feel free to leave them in the comments section below and I will be happy to answer them for you.


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6 Replies to “PUMA Future 18.1 NetFit Review – A New Style of Lacing”

  1. Thanks for the review much appreciated. Love the way you can lace this boot in just about any style you can possibly think of, but for the beginners that want to be flashy please make sure you lace them for support not flash. Also, like that this boot has a short time to mould to your feet and you’ll be ready to roll.

  2. Thanks for the review! Cleats have come a very long way indeed! Remember the plain old black one? 🙂
    The honeycomb design for lacing these up looks to be a game changer. it is finally the acknowledgement that no 2 feet are alike. This new design will allow each individual to test the placement of the laces relative to the lace hooks in order to get maximum comfort. I do not own this pair of soccer cleats but I believe this design may be a game changer.
    Thank you,

  3. Thanks for the great comment! Yes I definitely think Puma are on to something with their unique lacing style. They have actually found a problem with existing football boots/soccer cleats and improved it. Rather than trying to fix something that isn’t broke- like some other football boots have done.

  4. Awesome stuff! I would of thought comfort were in those shoes. I’ve. Been involved with track since high school but our school loved our soccer team. I remember a friend who played always wanted new  cleats because the ones his mom brought were way to uncomfortable for him he told his mother he wanted new ones but she said they are expensive 

    1. Football boots can be expensive unfortunately. Playing football/soccer in uncomfortable boots is the worst! 

      Thanks for the comment 🙂

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