Football Gift Ideas for Kids -Taking the Stress out of Gift Giving

Buying gifts is difficult, everybody knows that. So I’m creating a list of a few great gift ideas for kids who are football crazy. I know, I’m a lifesaver, no need to thank me!


I hope you agree that these are some great gift ideas and that you find the ideal gift for whoever it is you are buying for- I have gone ahead and added links that take you straight to the page in which you can buy them. So all the hard work is done by me, once again, no need to thank me!


So, here are some of my favourite football gift ideas for kids… Enjoy!



Sciball from Mitre – £10 – Click Here to Buy




What’s included:


  • Unique Mini Football
  • Five colouring pens
  • Ball pump
  • Stand to proudly display your Scriball!

In my opinion this gift is awesome. Kids of course love to colour and let their creative side out, so Mitre have taken that on board and created a football which you can colour in and customize! This would be a huge hit with any kid, football lover or not.


There are 3 different Scriballs all with different patterns to colour in so you can collect them all, all at the same affordable price of £10. Of course it is a football so you don’t just have to colour it in and then put it on the stand to admire. You can take it outside and have a kick about.


This ball is made by the reputable brand, Mitre, so, there is no question that this gift is going to be good quality, however more proof of the quality can be found if you have a look at some reviews.


All three different Scriball characters have different stories and personalities so kids can really involve themselves with this gift and let there imagination run wild.



Football Night Light – £15.99 – Click Here to Buy


Football Night Light


Useful information:


  • Has a 3D visual effect.
  • 7 different colours to choose from or have it gradually change between.
  • Smart Touch Switch making it easy for kids to use. Just 1 simple button to change colours.
  • Durable and safe for kids with sturdy construction and LED light which does not get hot.


This gift is a great idea for a football mad kid. It will look great in the bedroom and will make the room look more lively and personalized. Especially with the different colours so you can change them to suit your mood, your favourite colour or even have the colours change to create that relaxing effect.


One great thing about this product is that it is simple to use and completely safe so any child can use it by themselves without the accompaniment of an adult. I’m sure the child would love to show this off to there friends!


This gift also has many other designs like dinosaurs, owls and many more. 8 different designs to be precise. The reviews for this product are great and they say they love the fact it can be plugged into a socket so they don’t have to keep buying batteries. However there is the option to use batteries if you wanted.



SKLZ Star Kick Trainer – £15 – Click Here to Buy


SKLZ Trainer

SKLZ Trainer In Use







Useful Information:


  • Hands free elastic cord creating great fun by yourself or a good training tool.
  • 6ft kinetic elastic cord stretches to over 18ft.
  • Neoprene waistband with Velcro strap and clip
  • Durable patented neoprene glove fits size 3, 5 and 5 footballs.



This is the perfect gift for somebody who loves to play football and train on their close control skills. This trainer attaches to your waist with a velcro strap, you then fasten the ball inside the neoprene glove and you are ready to go.


The great thing about this is that you no longer have to go and fetch the ball after kicking it, which is the most annoying thing when you are paying by yourself. You can nail the perfect shooting technique, practice passing, practice your first touch and even your goalkeeper skills. Best of all, you can do this all by yourself without having to rely on someone else!


You can treat this gift as seriously as you want. It can be a lot of fun, seeing how hard you can kick the ball without getting blasted by the bounce back! It can also be treated as a great piece of training equipment to really improve your skills on the pitch, that’s the beauty of this product.


SKLZ is a well-known football training equipment brand so I know the quality will be very good. There are many other replica versions of this same product but I recommend this one to ensure you have the best materials and quality in your gift to avoid disappointment.



3D Wooden Football Jigsaw Puzzle – £19.95 – Click Here to Buy


Wooden football 3D puzzle


Useful information:


  • 3D puzzle made from 15 large pieces carefully crafted from wood.
  • Comes with a football key ring.
  • Puzzle size H 10.5 x W 13.5 x D 9.5cm.

This gift is great for the family, and will be a fun challenge to try to piece together this 3D football puzzle. The product is good quality- as each piece is solid wood. This statement is also backed up by many reviews of people saying that the quality is great.


The 15 pieces in this puddle and the fact that it is 3D makes it a real headscratcher and I’m sure it will confuse anyone who gives it a go. Also, once you have completed the puzzle, it looks great as an ornament as somebody also said in the reviews.


All in all this is a great gift for any occasion!



Good Luck!


I hope you enjoyed these gift ideas and that I could help out with any struggling gift buyers… there is no shame! If you have any questions about any of these products, or have any ideas of your own then please feel free to leave a comment below and I will be sure to get back to you.


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10 Replies to “Football Gift Ideas for Kids -Taking the Stress out of Gift Giving”

  1. These were really fun football gifts I would even consider buying myself. Customized football is a fun idea since you can use your creativity and make your own recognizable football. Also football jigsaw puzzle seems to be fun. I am a fan of different kinds of puzzles myself.

  2. Awesome gift ideas for those who love football (soccer here)! I have a niece who is very active in the sport, and so any of these she is going to love. She actually got a college scholarship with the sport, so she is definitely hooked on it. Thanks for the wonderful gift ideas. I just need to decide which one suits her the best.

    1. Thank you for that! I am glad to hear about other people involved in the sport, and congrats to her for that scholarship. I hope she enjoys whatever gift you choose! I recommend the puzzle for someone of that age.

  3. Hi bro, thanks for sharing this informational article. It is my delight to know that all of these gift items are below £20. I would love to get one for Jephthah. My aim for him is to go to Manchester city football academy. 

    I really loved football but never had the chance to play professionally so I’ve decided that my male kid will play football. He won’t go to regular college but football academy and I really pray I achieve this in life.

    1. This sounds awesome, Manchester City have a great academy also so this would be a great place for him to go. Good luck with that goal!

  4. Wow these are some really good gift ideas. This is my first time hearing about most of them. The gift that stood out to me on the list is the Scriball from Mitre. My little one is only 2 years old so she would love to color on the ball before playing with it. She would probably forget to kick it and just end up coloring it every time she sees it lol. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  5. I really like the elastic soccer. It would be beneficial for practice, since I wouldn’t have to chase after it.

    These are really products here and do make great gifts! I also really like the wooden 3D soccer ball puzzle, it would be fun just piecing them together. 

    All really greats products, especially for this holiday season.


    1. Thanks for the comment!

      I think the elastic ball would be great for me too, it is a pain chasing after the ball and you end up chasing after it more than actually playing!

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